The Academics team is here to support you in all things related to your learning here at Berkeley Haas. We work collaboratively with the Student Life team and other key partners at Haas and across campus to help shape your overall experience as a student in the Full-time MBA Program.

Read our philosophy statement to discover more about our principles and approach to this work.

The Full-time MBA Program Academics Team’s primary role is to support and promote student academic success. We are your partner as you progress through your journey toward earning an MBA from Berkeley Haas. We are also responsible to Haas and the institution at large for upholding academic policies and equitable advising practices to maintain the quality of the MBA degree.

We recognize that students come to Haas with diverse identities and beliefs that impact their experience as a student and as a member of the community. In order to best support the FTMBA students, Haas, and our community, the Academics Team commits to the following practices:

    • Provide holistic academic advising
      Our advising philosophy centers around the belief that every individual has unique strengths, goals, and potential. We take into account various aspects of a student’s life, including academic, personal, and professional goals while providing support and guidance in a warm and comprehensive manner.
    • Act with compassion and empathy
      By building trust and rapport, we aim to create an open and non-judgemental space for students to share their aspirations, challenges, and concerns.
    • Participate in ongoing professional development
      As Student Affairs Professionals, we strive to pursue ongoing learning opportunities to stay knowledgeable, current, and relevant in how we can most effectively support student success.

Academics Team

Left to Right: Anthony Jackson (Assistant Director), Lucas Mollenbrink (Director), Stéphanie van Nassau (Program Coordinator), Thao Valdez (Associate Director, Academic Advisor), and Jody O’Connor (Associate Director, Academic Advisor)