Earning two degrees concurrently lets you make the most of your time at Haas and UC Berkeley. You will graduate with a wider range of flexibility and proficiency in pursuing career options in the U.S. and abroad.

JD/MBA Program

Students complete this four-year program with a solid foundation in both law and management, having earned a Berkeley MBA and a JD from either UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law or UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. Typically, your first two years are spent in law school, followed by a year in business school. During the fourth year, you take electives in both schools.

Boalt/Haas Students

  • Complete 118 units to graduate (43 in business; 75 in law)
  • Register and pay fees for a minimum of eight semesters at UC Berkeley

Hastings/Haas Students

  • Complete 117 units to graduate (43 in business; 74 in law)
  • Spend five semesters at Hastings and three at Haas. This allows you to avoid paying fees at both universities for the same semester. However, it means you will carry a higher-than-normal unit load during your three Haas semesters. You will still be subject to the normal pre-enrollment unit limit during the bidding process.

MBA/MPH Program in Health Management

Working together, the Haas School and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health train leaders to manage complex healthcare organizations. You will take courses in both schools and will complete a three-month internship in a healthcare organization. You will graduate from the 2.5-year program with an MBA and a Master of Public Health degree.

Graduates are prepared for leadership in both the business and delivery sides of health services and technology industries, including managed care and insurance, consulting, biotechnology, e-health, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.


  • Complete 80 units of coursework, at least 45 from Haas and 32 from the School of Public Health. The remaining 3 units may consist of upper division or graduate courses taken from any department on campus.
  • Must register for a minimum of five semesters at Berkeley.

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MBA/MEng Program

More information on this newly approved program coming soon!

Other Academic Programs

MA in Global Studies

Although it is not considered a concurrent degree, you may consider pursuing an MA in Global Studies after completing your MBA. The MA-GS program broadens your knowledge of different regions or countries through courses from various UC Berkeley departments, including social science and area studies. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with the fundamentals of contemporary international issues, as well as detailed knowledge about particular world regions. You may focus on a topic—such as international trade and debt, investment strategies, global communications, environmental issues, or urban and regional development—or a geographic area.

You must apply to the program during Fall of your second year in the MBA program. If accepted you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Register for a minimum of six semesters at UC Berkeley (the first four semester would consist of MBA coursework and the remaining two would consist of Global Studies coursework)
  • Complete 24 units of coursework; 12 of them at the graduate level (none in business administration) including: (1) A proseminar that all students are required to take, (2) two social science courses, (3) two area studies classes, and (4) a class in EITHER Social Science OR Area Studies, depending on the student’s interest
  • Complete a capstone, consisting of a comprehensive examination, with both written and oral components

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