** Class is mandatory and there are no excused absences. **

Many classes include attendance and participation as part of your final grade. Students are advised to notify faculty in advance of any missed classes with the understanding that their participation grade may still be penalized. If you must miss a class due to an emergency beyond your control, please contact your faculty as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing circumstances that are impacting your ability to attend classes, please contact the Academics Team as soon as possible for assistance.

Class Attendance

Attendance in the core is mandatory. For all other classes, policies are established at the discretion of each professor and are often tied to participation grades. Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to attendance policies as communicated by the instructor for each class.

Exam Attendance 

Examinations are scheduled in advance and students are required to attend during the assigned dates and times. Please note that core exams may be held at a time that differs from the regularly scheduled class.

Makeup exams are only considered for extenuating circumstances, such as family death or serious health issues.

Illness, Short-Term Absences & Parental Leave  

Faculty members may ask you to submit documentation from University Health Services if you miss exams or fail to complete other coursework.

If you or your partner are expecting a child while you are an enrolled student, please contact the Academics Team. The FTMBA Academics Team will discuss parental leave options with you and help you work with your instructors as needed.

The Academics Team will work with you and your instructors if you need a longer leave of absence.