The MORS group (Macro)


Research by macro faculty and students in the MORS group focuses on a broad range of questions on topics including innovation, entrepreneurship, social networks, careers and mobility, organizational culture, and labor market inequality. To tackle these questions faculty and students build new theories, develop rigorous research designs, and apply state-of-the-art quantitative methods. The program aims to train the next generation of computational social scientists.

Macro track program

The first two years of coursework in the macro track of the MORS PhD program include rigorous training in research design, organizational theory, economic sociology, and research methods. Students take several theory courses taught in Berkeley’s top-ranked Sociology Department, as well as a theory sequence taught by macro MORS faculty. The curriculum also features a methods sequence aimed at training students to master econometrics and computational methods and techniques. Students in the MORS program enjoy the many possibilities made available to social scientists on the greater Berkeley campus. The MORS PhD program boasts an excellent placement record, having populated the faculty ranks of the top universities in the country.

MORS Macro curriculum

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Designated Emphasis in the Sociology of Organizations and Markets

This new program will provide curricular and research resources for students who want to gain deeper knowledge about the sociology of organizations and markets and have their work formally recognized in their degree designations. The program aims to encourage and support students who wish to anchor their work more deeply within the discipline of sociology and to obtain formal advising and mentorship from faculty at both the Haas School of Business and Berkeley’s top-ranked Sociology PhD program. Students in the Designated Emphasis track take courses across both Haas and Sociology, include faculty from both sides in their qualifying exam and dissertation committees, and are encouraged to participate in seminars and conferences organized by both groups. The Designated Emphasis is optional for students in the MORS PhD program, as well as for students in the Sociology PhD program.

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