The Center for Responsible Business and Nordic Center partnered with Ramboll and Equinor to bring together the best and brightest students from across UC Berkeley to tackle their toughest sustainability challenges. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration, co-creation and ideation, the SPARK Innovation Competition, took place on Friday 4/21, and brought together ambitious students and expert know-how to develop solutions for a sustainable future.​

The 2023 Challenge: This year’s SPARK competition sought to explore and discover the main challenges for enabling offshore floating wind along the California coast and develop a roadmap for solving them.

There were 6 teams of 4-5 students with backgrounds in business, policy, data science, engineering, and technology. At the end of the day, each team picthed their solutions to Ramboll and Equinor executives and leadership. The winning team received $3,000 USD  and the opportunity to further develop their solution with a design sprint facilitated by a Ramboll Design Sprint Expert.

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