Welcome Students!

Incorporating more, and more innovative, sustainable and socially responsible principles into everyday practice is one important element of redefining how business gets done. That is what Berkeley Haas students have the opportunity to learn and experience by engaging with the CRB.

Get involved:

  • Check out our Events page for upcoming opportunities to network and hear from sustainability and CSR thought-leaders
  • Enroll in CRB courses listed on our Curriculum page to develop tangible skills that challenge the business as usual paradigm
  • Apply to join the CRB Student Advisory Board to help advise our strategy, act as a liaison with the Haas student body, and connect with our network of alumni in corporate sustainability and social responsibility

Students will gain:

  • Knowledge that enables them to lead sustainability and CSR efforts where they work.
  • Practical experience to help them develop a strong career in a field that is gaining ground and making a difference.
  • Insight and awareness that can make them an effective change agent for positive social impact.

Leading companies recognize the long-term value of integrating social responsibility into core business strategies. Our students become well-versed in corporate responsibility by taking advantage of a wide variety of offerings that give you practical learning experiences in and outside of the classroom.

If you are a prospective full-time MBA student and have specific questions about our program, please contact the Haas Student Ambassadors Program.