As an MBA student, you can immerse yourself in real-life sustainability issues faced by enterprises. You will conduct research, engage stakeholders, and work in small teams alongside senior managers and faculty members. The program culminates with a presentation of your recommendations to high-ranking executives. Many students continue as paid interns.

You receive one to three Independent Study Credits (MBA 293) for completing a semester-long project. Examples of recent MBA Independent Study Projects include:


Students explored what potential business models could look like for AI safety. The course draws on parallels from collective action challenges in policy areas such as climate change, that provide certifications such as Underwriters Laboratories, the insurance industry, Hippocratic oaths, and others.


Students researched and made recommendations on executive compensation and political contributions as part of a comprehensive proxy voting framework for the UC Berkeley Foundation.


Students researched trends and opportunities that will influence Dow Chemical actions over the next 15 years and provided input on focus areas for Dow’s 2020 sustainability goals.


Students partnered with Walmart and the Environmental Defense Fund to implement Walmart’s Sustainability Index with merchants and suppliers.

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