Selecting focus areas from among the many issues related to sustainable and responsible business allows us to target resources, to build on our strengths as part of UC Berkeley, and to tackle issues that interest our students and partners. Activities related to our focus areas include: course development, dialogue, research, and alumni engagement.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Human Rights & Business

From poor safety standards and working conditions in global supply chains to protecting the privacy of internet users, businesses are increasingly expected to address human rights issues in their operations and business relationships.

Sustainable Food Initiative

Sustainable Food

There is a food revolution underway, with innovation occurring at every stage of the food system. We explore opportunities related to sustainable and ethical food in the business setting. We bring to the table noted researchers, motivated graduate students, and companies working to create the future of sustainable food businesses.

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation

How are companies utilizing sustainability as a driver for innovation, as opposed to a constraint on their operations? Leveraging open innovation and systems thinking, we bring together companies in partnership with faculty, students, and global thought leaders who are tackling the world’s sustainability challenges.

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