CRB Fellow 22-23 and Student Advisory Board member, Liz Schasel, shares her experience as one of the student reviewers for the inaugural Berkeley Haas Sustainable Business Research Prize:

“I had a great experience as a student reviewer for the inaugural Berkeley Haas Sustainable Business Research Prize. MBA students typically spend our time with case studies rather than engaging with more traditional academic research. So, it was fascinating to spend a few days poring over some brand-new sustainability-oriented publications to which I otherwise might not have been exposed. I got together with a few other student reviewers from the CRB Student Advisory Board—we all brought snacks and sat outside on a gorgeous Berkeley summer day to hunker down and begin reading. Since we were all assigned different publications to review, it was fun to take periodic breaks from reading and share the insights we had gleaned from each paper with each other. I think being a student reviewer is a really valuable opportunity to be exposed to pragmatic solutions that businesses can incorporate to help fight the climate crisis.” – Liz Schasel

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