The Center for Responsible Business is delighted to announce the newest members of our Student Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB works with the Center and fellow students to advise and implement program structure, content, marketing, and outreach.

SAB members represent a variety of interests and communities on campus. Via their involvement in both ongoing projects and new initiatives, these students further the goals of the CRB by positioning the CRB to its core stakeholders, providing insight about the infusion of sustainability into CRB electives and Haas core curriculum, and guiding the CRB’s strategic planning process.

We are thrilled to welcome them and excited to see how this dynamic cohort develops their passion for responsible business this year!

Kanyinsola Aibana, MBA ‘22

Before starting at Haas, Kanyinsola worked at a nonprofit consulting firm focused on applying behavioral science to drive social impact in a wide range of domains such as sustainability, financial inclusion, agriculture, health, and post-secondary education. Her experience working with for-profit and non-profit organizations has given her varying perspectives on creating impact, as well as delving into the challenges they face and addressing those challenges.  As part of the Student Advisory Board, Kanyinsola is excited to participate in the thought leadership around what it means for a business to be “responsible” and “sustainable” and pursue her interests in the sustainable food and agriculture space through the Sustainable Food Initiative.

Jordan Bennett, MBA ‘22

Jordan came to Berkeley with a desire to pursue work that provides a sense of purpose and has a greater impact on people and the environment beyond herself. As a passionate vegan, she is an avid follower of the sustainable food industry and has built a running database of sustainable food-focused VC funds, FoodTech, BioTech, AgTech, and CPG companies. Jordan also has experiences of living and working professionally outside of the U.S. for 4 years and is excited to share her perspectives on how other countries approach sustainability. She looks forward to spearheading sustainability initiatives and collaborating with fellow board members to drive change from within.

Tess Krasne, MBA ‘22

Coming from a non-profit and grassroots background, Tess chose Haas because of its emphasis on ethical leadership and responsible business. She previously worked at Ocean Conservancy, particularly with the Trash Free Seas Alliance which brought together a diverse set of stakeholders to combat ocean plastics. Through this and her work with sponsors of the International Coastal Cleanup, she gained experience working with ESG teams at many Fortune 500 companies. As an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in Environmental Biology and minoring in Applied Microeconomics and Anthropology, Tess continues to explore private sector solutions to environmental challenges. She is excited to start the conversation by identifying events, speakers, and companies through her own ocean work to engage other Haas students at the nexus of oceans and business.

Kimberly Lam, MBA ‘22

Kimberly is a part-time MBA student returning to Berkeley after previously completing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science. She brings a unique perspective to the Student Advisory Board with 7 years of full-time professional experience working in the waste industry for the 2nd largest waste and recycling hauler in the country. Beyond her professional career, she also has a background in non-profit work as a Board Member and Communications Director for the local non-profit Sustainable Contra Costa. As Kimberly joins the SAB this year, she looks forward to expanding her view of what sustainability and responsible business means through participating and helping organize events and programs. 

Cindy Liu, MBA ’22

Cindy joins Berkeley Haas from a role as a Management Consultant with Accenture. Prior to her consulting career, she earned dual degrees in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems from the University of Maryland, College Park. She notes that while her background isn’t that of the traditional sustainability professional’s resume, her breadth of experience has afforded her a nuanced perspective on the intersection of social impact and industry. Cindy was attracted to the CRB as she saw the opportunity to make a tangible difference on pressing sustainability challenges as part of her education. She is eager to further explore the sustainability space for she believes it imperative to embed sustainable practices into the fabric of every company. 

Jake McIntosh, MBA ‘22

Jake came to Berkeley Haas to pursue an MBA experience through the lens of sustainable growth and inclusive business strategies. Prior to Berkeley, he served as the Communications Director for Per Scholas, a national technology training non-profit scaling sustainable career pathways to middle-class jobs in fourteen cities across the U.S. Jake also has extensive experience working in industries with poor labor conditions and organizing for workplace justice. He is passionate to learn more about how companies can be a force for change within these spaces and to imagine new solutions at the intersection of the labor and green movement. In his free time, he loves to play guitar and sing to his plants.

Sabin Ray, MBA ‘22

Prior to Haas, Sabin worked for a leading international environmental non-profit, the World Resources Institute, leading projects on sustainable food and forestry primarily in developing countries. Just last year, her work experiences spanned 60+ cities in 26 countries to develop their green infrastructure strategies, where she has become familiar with some of the latest sustainability trends and reports. As a member of the CRB, she hopes to create deeper and more meaningful relationships that shape her time at Haas, as well as her future sustainability career.

Samvita Kalyan Kumar, MBA ‘22

Samvita joins the Student Advisory Board with a civil and environmental engineering background, but with a long term career goal to work in sustainable innovation with a focus on supply chain decarbonization and circular economy initiatives. Throughout her career, she’s had a wide variety of experiences, from competition management to research and project management. Samvita led the development of a cleantech incubator called the “Carbon Zero Challenge” as a Project Officer at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, as well as consulted in the international development sector on Sustainable Development Goal 6. Looking forward, she’s most excited to contribute to responsible business initiatives, while also playing a role in enabling her peers’ access to information and opportunities in the space.

Mahon Walsh, BS ‘22

Mahon is a junior in the College of Engineering majoring in Environmental Engineering Science, bringing a technical aspect of sustainability to the CRB. He is particularly passionate about integrating social and environmental externalities into business decisions and hopes to advance the ‘triple bottom line’ throughout his career. Recently, Mahon has attained his Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Associate certification and consulted for companies to improve their sustainability practices with BEACN (Bay Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network). As a Student Advisory Board member, he is excited to advance the CRB’s impact across campus and connect with others to learn from their paths into sustainability.

Olivia Wasteneys, MBA ‘22

Prior to Haas, Olivia spent 5 years in strategy and M&A, supporting clients in the aerospace and space and satellite industries. Increasingly alarmed by the climate crisis, she came to business school in search of a career where she can have a more direct impact on environmental sustainability and justice. As a member of the Student Advisory Board, Olivia is looking forward to fostering discussion on the role of business in advancing innovative and equitable business solutions to climate change, particularly within the food industry. 


Sophie Westover, MDP ‘22

As a Masters of Development Practice student, Sophie has an extensive background centered around sustainable development, which she believes should actively engage with the private sector in areas such as innovation, finance, and technology. Her perspectives are informed by prior work in the non-profit sector, where she worked across disciplines in Thailand, Nepal, and Vermont. More specifically, Sophie has experience working with communities impacted by the mining industry, large-scale agricultural industry, and renewable energy industry, bringing a human-focused perspective to the CRB. She is most excited to expand her knowledge around corporate social responsibility, gaining an understanding of how the private sector approaches sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and human rights.

Madeleine Wong, BS ‘22

Madeleine is a junior in the Haas undergraduate program majoring in Business Administration and Environmental Economics and Policy and interested in food, human rights, and education. On campus, she serves as the External Vice President for the Association for Socially Responsible Business, as well as the Diversity Equity and Inclusion External Lead for the Haas Business School Association. Madeleine hopes to learn from the diverse backgrounds of other SAB members to refine her own vision for the impact that she wants to have on the world, while uplifting and supporting businesses that are doing great work.

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