From the Ranch to the Plate: Exploring the State of Regenerative Animal Protein

This salon brought students, community members, regenerative agriculture practitioners, and investors together to discuss and identify regenerative pathways for producing, processing, and packaging animal protein and to inspire community building across the Bay Area. The event began with a brief introductory panel with words from key stakeholders in the animal protein discussion: ranchers, processors, restaurateurs, packaged foods makers, and institutional dining representatives, followed by a conversational and social reception with light bites, beer, and wine.

Panelists included:

  • Adrian Rodrigues (Moderator), Co-Founder and a Managing Director of Provenance Capital Group | CRB Senior Advisory Board Member | Haas Alum
  • Gina Asoudegan (Panelist), Vice President of Mission and Regenerative Agriculture at Applegate | CRB Senior Advisory Board Member
  • Bentley Hall (Panelist), CEO of Good Eggs
  • Clifford Pollard (Panelist), CEO & Founder of Cream Co. Meats
  • Carrie Richards Prelip (Panelist), Co-Owner/Director of Marketing & Online Operations @ Richards Regenerative

Regenerative Agriculture Salon, 11 April 2023, Haas School of Business Wells Fargo Room:

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