Since launching my research into sustainable consumer packaging, I have become much more observant of the (high) level of packaging I personally consume every day. Sure, I can recycle that can of soda, but many other everyday items come wrapped in plastic destined for the landfill. Like many consumers, I’d love the opportunity to purchase items in more environmentally sustainable packages.

Some companies are already addressing this need head-on, particularly in the organics market. Pangea Organics provides a great example. Pangea offers its products in distinctive, molded fiber boxes that are not only 100% compostable and biodegradeable, but also offer the added bonus of being plantable.

(photo courtesy of Pangea website)

Pangea’s boxes are infused with herb seeds, so that when the package is briefly soaked in water and planted in dirt 1” deep, it will become a small impromptu herb garden. What a neat idea – inviting the consumer to be part of a creative solution to the packaging problem!

SunChips has built on this consumer enthusiasm for sustainability with its latest packaging innovation: the 100% biodegradeable chip bag set to debut this Earth Day.

The comprehensive marketing campaign that goes along with this packaging launch is definitely worth checking out. From inspiring commercials to print ads to billboards, SunChips is giving a great tutorial in how something as straightforward as a chip bag can be leveraged to reach and engage a target audience. Hopefully the rest of the CPG world is listening!


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