The information below includes estimated costs for students participating in the Global Management Program.

Please keep in mind that actual costs are subject to change and that other costs will occur each year. For more information regarding estimated costs for Global Edge, please visit their website under the tab “Costs.”

Summer 2022 Budget

Direct Costs Charged by UC Berkeley
Summer Course Fees (8 units) $3,352.00
Campus Fee $385.00
Class Pass $48.00
Direct Costs Total $3,754.00
Other Estimated Costs
Living Expenses (room & board, transportation, personal) $4,424.00
Books $376.00
Other Estimated Costs Total $4,800.00
Estimated Total for Summer 2022 $8,585.00

Fall Semester in London 2022 Budget

Direct Costs Charged by UC Berkeley
Tuition & Fees (15-17 units)* $7.380.00
Housing, Travel & Program Fee** $8,159.00
Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) $2,036.00
Direct Costs Total*** $17,535.00
London Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Meals $3,099.00
Incidentals, Books, Personal Expenses $1,160.00
Out-of-Pocket Expenses Total $4,254.00
Estimated Total for Fall 2022 $21,789.00
Estimated Grand Total for Global Edge London $29,923.00

*Nonresidents of California should visit the financial aid website and see Meeting Nonresident Costs for information on Nonresident Supplemental Tuition to Fall semester Tuition & Fees.

**Program fee includes airfare, orientations, activities, excursions, local transportation, some books/supplies, and other logistical support services.

***You may be assessed a one-time Document Management Fee.


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