Completing all graduation requirements.

Any incomplete graduation requirements on the last day of final exams in your final semester will prevent you from graduating that semester. If you complete any course work after the semester ends, your degree will be conferred the following semester.

Graduation with Honors

The top 10% of students in each graduating class, as measured by GPA, will have the distinction of Graduation with Honors.

The likely candidates will be recognized at Commencement. However, the final determination for Graduation with Honors will occur a few weeks after Commencement and will be based on the cumulative GPA for all courses completed during the MBA Program.


Degrees are conferred only in December and May. If you complete your degree requirements at the end of the Summer Session, you will be placed on the December degree list.

Commencement ceremonies are held once a year. This traditionally happens in the Greek Theatre on the weekend following final exams in the Spring semester.

Exact information about the date, time, location, and guest attendance will be provided early in the Spring in the Commencement section of this Web site.