We are pleased to announce the launch of Financial Economics of Climate and Sustainability, PhD Course! 

Professors Adair Morse and Panos Patatoukas, co-faculty directors of the Sustainable & Impact Finance Initiative (SAIF) at Haas, began co-teaching the online class called “Financial Economics of Climate and Sustainability” this semester. They join faculty members from more than 10 schools including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Oxford, who are teaching this course to a global cohort of nearly 1,000 students from 127 schools across 30 different countries.

The goal is to inspire a new generation of climate leaders to embark on new research that leads to innovative ways of thinking about climate finance.

“Our job as instructors will be to give them the tools and the frameworks and provide ways for them to start asking interesting questions. Overall, it’s a really good time to more formally train our students in this space. It’s rapidly evolving, it’s messy, it’s not perfect, but that makes it interesting and exciting and an area of growth that is full of opportunities.”

-Professor Panos Patatoukas, SAIF Co-Faculty Director