The Haas Impact Fund invests in exciting early-stage impact-oriented startups. Student Venture Partners lead sourcing, diligence, and portfolio stewardship of early-stage social enterprises. 

In April 2020 at the inaugural Invest for Impact Pitch Competition, student Venture Partners pitched recommendations to a panel of judges for up to $50,000 equity investment from the Haas Impact Fund along with potential additional funding from a select group of funds.

Student Venture Partners source promising early-stage impact startups in the following impact areas:

  • Workforce and Financial Inclusion: Facilitating meaningful work opportunities and providing access to vital financial services for all.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Promoting healthy lives and wellbeing for all at all ages.
  • Renewable Energy: Investing in technology to utilize or accelerate the use of energy from sources that are not depleted when used.
  • Food and Water: Ending hunger, achieving food security, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture and improving access to clean water and sustainable water management.
  • Sustainable Products: Utilizing or designing products that lessen or eliminate the negative environmental cost during their entire life cycle, from extraction to waste disposal.

Faculty and Leadership

Adair Morse

Founding Faculty Director of the Sustainable and Impact Finance initiative at Haas and a distinguished Professor in finance at Haas.

Julia Sze

Distinguished Professional Faculty member with a career in impact investing, aligning mission and values across all asset classes.

Katherine Baird

Program Director of the Sustainable and Impact Finance initiative at Haas

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