PBS Newshour: Biden takes economic message on the road clip featuring SAIF's Senior Advisor Laura Tyson

PBS Newshour clip featuring SAIF’s Senior Advisor Laura Tyson discussing how the Biden administration is barnstorming the country this week to mark the one-year anniversary of their landmark Inflation Reduction Act. Recent indicators of a growing economy are key to President Biden’s message as he heads into the 2024 election.

Haas MBA student team nabs $75,000 for supply chain startup at Impact Pitch Competition

The Haas newsroom reports on the 4th Invest for Impact Pitch Competition and the 15th Sustainable Investment Fund Report.

Watch video in lightbox: Laura Tyson IBSI

The Era of Markets ended in 2019. What comes next?

The relationship between business and society is shifting. A world threatened by climate change, pandemics, and war is a world in which the state is likely to intervene more aggressively in business. “I don’t think it is correct to say that we no longer have markets, but the neoliberal idea of markets is no longer what dominates,” said Laura Tyson, Faculty Director of SAIF, in the Financial Times.

Business leaders on how they navigate ESG backlash: ‘The language needs to change’

Laura Tyson, Faculty Director, is quoted in Fortune on how focusing more on the “environmental” component of ESG will help avoid criticism that comes with a general, catch-all term. “I like the idea of a distinguishing ‘E’ and talking about climate-led investing,” she said. She added that some investors who oppose social and governance corporate policies may be willing to support more climate-conscious investing decisions.

U.S. to spend $10 billion to boost small businesses

Adair Morse, Faculty Director, is quoted in Wall Street Journal.

Windmills off the shore

Joe Biden must take a global lead on climate risk disclosure

Laura Tyson, Faculty Director, writes for the Financial Times.

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