Written by Annie Wang.


What is your Berkeley Haas story?

I was the kind of person that never wanted to give up academics to play soccer. But, in high school I faced a lot of injury, and I actually didn’t commit here until my senior year, which is really late. But, Berkeley was the perfect intersection. I got to go to an amazing school in California (from Florida), and play in the Pac-12. Best conference. Best state. Best school. I love being a student-athlete. As an athlete, I am constantly problem solving. Things are always going wrong (or right) and I always have to figure out what it is that is going wrong, so I can fix it. The skills that I’ve learned from playing soccer and from being on a team are really valuable – not only in the classroom but beyond that. I love being able to think outside the box and find non-conventional solutions to problems. Good things aren’t going to come easily and especially being on a team sport, having the skills to collaborate with people in an effective way is so important.

What are you passionate about and why?

I’m really passionate about diversity. Besides being on the soccer team, I am also a part of two orgs – BSAC ( Student Athlete Committee) and RISE (reach inclusion service and equity) – that find underrepresented minorities to help them apply to Berkeley Haas, and just expose them to the opportunities here. These two organizations are really important to me because they are at the intersection of athletics and academics. We’re putting on a Diversity Symposium on March 13th, and I am really excited for the event. We want to show people that they shouldn’t count themselves out. I can attribute becoming a business major to attending RISE events as a Freshman. It’s so fulfilling to see that once I was being helped by the organization and now I have the opportunity to give back.

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