Haas isn’t just one of the world’s premier business schools, it’s also located in the heart of the world’s most innovative hub—the Bay Area. When you browse Pitchbook or TechCrunch, you’ll notice that the majority of tech-related news originates within 30 miles of our school. What opportunity does this represent for us?

It means that, combined by our alumni network and LinkedIn, we have an unlimited space for our networking and career creativity. Building a network is one task, but maintaining it is quite another. You’ve probably heard about the essentiality of routinely updating about your life, keeping in touch, and so forth with your connections. To simplify, maintaining a current LinkedIn profile and resume is the required foundation for approaching people, both online and offline.

It’s great to make these connections, but how do you make them more personal? It’s challenging if you haven’t shared experiences together. Networking and follow-ups shouldn’t be solely about seeking referrals or resume feedback. A unique approach involves inviting connections to events in the Bay Area that align with both of your industry interests or careers.

Some excellent resources for events in the area include:

  • lu.ma: On this platform, you can follow creators and access a list of events and conferences happening in the Bay Area. Highly recommended.
  • Cerebral Valley: Primarily a newsletter detailing events and meetups in the Bay Area and NYC, with a focus on tech.
  • Patriful: Contrary to its name, this website isn’t about parties. It’s a fantastic resource for finding events. If you register for a few events—even if you don’t attend them all—you’ll be added to their database and start receiving invites tailored to your interests.

Here’s a suggestive message for extending an invitation:

“Hi [Name], since we first met, I’ve realized we share many common interests. I’m considering attending this event [paste link], and thought it might interest you too. I’d love for you to join me on [date]. If you’re unavailable then, these events happen regularly, so we can always attend another time. Looking forward to it. See you soon!”

So, in this way you do not put pressure, give an opportunity and resources, and also show the alignment of interests. Additionally, plan ahead. Avoid sending last-minute invites, as it might appear as though you’re merely looking for company. After attending an event together, share your notes and insights, and express your appreciation for their company. This process transforms mere “connections” into “relationships.” You both learn, meet new people, and strengthen your bond – not just one-on-one but in public settings, which often deepens the connection.

Cerebral Valley Events

That is the one way to contribute to your network by increasing the level of connection. I am looking forward to sharing more about LinkedIn tips, social interactions, and strategies for utilizing Haas alumni in the most efficient way! Thank you!

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