With the few days we have this week to take a break from the classes, many are going back to visit family. If you are still here though, here are some places you could visit in your free time when you aren’t catching up on sleep!

  1. Berkeley Marina

    n dock reflections clouds.jpg
    The Marina is a beautiful place to take in the sights of the Bay Area, with our beloved 51B going directly there at certain times. The waterfront has nature walks, the pier, parks, and high-end restaurants. I highly recommend Hong Kong East Ocean, a dimsum restaurant that I would go to everytime I went to the Marina!
  2. Volunteer
    Give back to the community by volunteering in your free time, whether that be working at a food pantry or helping clean up parks and nature areas. There are various organizations on campus that you can go through, but you could also reach out to these places directly or through websites like VolunteerMatch.
  3. Tilden ParkTilden Park. Lusciously green with many trees.Tilden Park doesn’t only have hiking trails: Lake Anza is located there, as well as a farm and a golf course! It is a must-go for Berkeley students: explore the botanical gardens and marvel at the natural sights of fall. Burn the friendsgiving food off by walking around at Tilden Park.
  4. Friendsgiving
    With even more time to spend with your friends, host or partake in a friendsgiving! Spend time with the rest of your peers on campus and have a good time starting off the holiday season.

It is so important to give thanks throughout the year, and that ultimately culminates at Thanksgiving. While we may get caught up in school and work, especially during recruiting season, reflecting on how far you have come and how much others have done for you will help ensure continued growth and giving back to the community.

I am extremely thankful to be able to go back home over Thanksgiving break and spend time with my family. As someone who lives in the Bay Area, I recognize the privileges that I have to see my family routinely or to be able to go home at a moment’s notice. This year, I was especially thankful for the acts of kindness that others do for me, as well as the small things that go unnoticed: going out of one’s way to grab coffee, studying together, and many others. Happy Thanksgiving!

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