Title Name/Contact Relevant ASE
Area of Expertise
ASE Administrator Rosina Rocco Application and Hiring Process, Evaluation Reports
Course Evaluation Administrator Adrienne Mamin & Rocky Moran GSI Evaluations (Distribution and Collection)
Head GSI Head GSI Pedagogy Course Coordinator, Support for ASEs, Conflict Resolution for ASEs & Faculty
Faculty Advisor for GSIs Todd Fitch Instructor of Record for Pedagogy Courses (MBA375 and PHDBA375)
Senior Assistant
Dean of Instruction
Erika Walker Funding Allocation for Course Assistance, Ensure Quality of Instruction for Haas Courses

Additional Contacts

Keys to the classroom AV system: Kendall Dockham (phone 643-0475, office: S549). You need to pay a $5 deposit, which you’ll get back when you return the key.

Room reservations http://ems.haas.berkeley.edu (Haas login)

Enrollment questions should be directed to the appropriate program office representative: