If you are a UC Berkeley student interested in a position at Haas, please use this information to guide you through the process.

Non-UC Berkeley students may be eligible for ASE positions. The policy of the Haas School of Business states that Non-UC Berkeley students applying for an ASE position require a letter of recommendation from the home department in order to be considered for employment. This letter may be appended to the CV/resume and uploaded with application materials.

UC Berkeley’s Graduate Division maintains most policies governing the appointment of Graduate Students. We strongly recommend that you begin your ASE job search with the Grad Div Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What positions am I eligible to apply for? Do the positions require any special training?

How do I apply for a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) or Reader position? What is the hiring process like? What are my responsibilities?

Where are the Haas GSI and Reader Positions posted?

What is expected of an GSI throughout the term of employment?

For comments or questions, please e-mail the ASE Administrator.