The Office of Academic Planning and Instruction is responsible for administering evaluations for all Haas instructors each semester. Materials for Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) (GSI form example) are distributed through the Hiring Instructor for the lead section of each class. Other ASEs are not currently evaluated by the students. The information gathered in these efforts allows us to continually improve the level of instruction at Haas. Results from the GSI evaluations are kept separate from the Instructor results and are not made available to the larger Haas community.

The ASE Administrator provides summary reports and returns the original materials to each GSI. Students are advised to make electronic copies of their results.

Low Performance Evaluation Scores

Haas students who serve as GSIs that receive an instructor effectiveness rating of 4.5 or below will be contacted by the Haas School’s Senior Assistant Dean for Instruction (SADI). If the ratings become available after the student has accepted another GSI appointment, then that appointment will be considered probationary and the student’s performance in that role will be assessed to determine whether the student is eligible for future GSI appointments. If the student has not accepted another appointment, but wishes to be considered for future GSI appointments, the student must meet with the Haas School’s Head GSI to develop a written plan for improvement. The plan will be reviewed by the SADI who will then determine whether the student is eligible for future GSI appointments.

High Performance Evaluation Scores

Students who score well on their evaluations may be nominated for the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, given by the GSI Teaching and Resource Center. After reviewing the evaluations, the SADI solicits comments from the Program Directors, Faculty GSI Advisor, Head GSI, MBAA Vice President for Academic Affairs, HBSA Vice President for Academic Affairs, ASE Administrator and supervising faculty members.

Haas Criteria for Nomination

  • Scores on end-of-course GSI evaluations
  • Preparation and organization for each section
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of subject area
  • Concern for students
  • Overall effectiveness as an instructor

For comments or questions, please e-mail the ASE Administrator.