ASE appointments receive funding from a number of sources. It is the responsibility of the Hiring Party to ensure that funding has been allocated for the positions that they oversee.

Eligibility Requirements for Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) funding:

  • Course must have either a formal or informal discussion section/lab scheduled.

Eligibility Requirements for Reader funding:

  • Course must have more than 40 students enrolled.

If a course has not been allocated a GSI or Reader and meets the eligibility requirements, hiring instructors may request a GSI or Reader allocation by completing an GSI/Reader Request Form.

Once the form is submitted, the request will be forwarded to Haas’ Senior Assistant Dean of Instruction for review. Please allow up to two weeks for a response.

If a course does not meet the above eligibility requirements and/or a petition is denied, faculty members may pay for course assistance using personal research funds or request funding from the Center or Program offering the course. Please submit completed worksheets with chart-string information to the ASE Administrator to post the position.

Eligibility Requirements for Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) and Tutor funding:

Please email the ASE Administrator for funding information for GSRs and Tutors.

For comments or questions, please e-mail the ASE Administrator.