Scholarships are an excellent resource for students seeking help with the cost of their education while reducing the dependence on loans to cover educational expenses. Students are encouraged to apply for available Berkeley Haas scholarships for MFE students within the admissions application.

In general, there are two types of scholarships: institutional scholarships from Haas and outside scholarships from other organizations. This section contains information on both types of scholarships, as well as resources to help locate and research possible funding opportunities.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

The scholarship application deadlines are aligned with the admission application deadlines for each round and will vary from year to year. We strongly encourage prospective students, for whom scholarships are a major decision factor, to apply for admission sooner rather than later. For more information regarding the application process including deadlines, please contact MFE Admissions.

Carlston Family Fellowship (award amount varies)

Provided by the generosity of the Carlston Family Partnership, these funds will be used to provide support for high-achieving graduate students in the Master of Financial Engineering Program at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Recipients will be students who demonstrate financial need and strong ethics. Prospective recipients will be identified, screened, and selected by the Assistant Dean of the Master of Financial Engineering Program.

  • SUPPLEMENTAL PERSONAL STATEMENT (250 words maximum): Please explain your plans to fund your Master of Financial Engineering degree and any special circumstances if applicable. Provide details as needed on any resources listed in the application, or not captured in the resource section.
  • SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION: Finalists will be asked to submit a single digital file with supporting documentation to validate self-reported data from the application form. In addition to the online scholarship application, you are required to submit your 2017 IRS 1040 form or equivalent tax return. If your documents contain an SSN or other sensitive data, you must redact it before uploading. Finalists will be notified via email with instructions on how to submit verification documents.
  • A note for International Applicants: If you are not required to file a tax return, please provide us with an earnings statement for 2017. If you have filed taxes outside of the U.S., provide a copy of your federal tax return as well as a translation of the following items, if applicable:
      • Total Earned Income
      • Other Income
      • Adjusted Gross Income

The Chengchun “Arthur” Qi Book Award for ($1,000)

This fund, launched in 2012, was developed in memory of Arthur who was a student in the MFE program, but who passed away unexpectedly in February 2012, just before graduation.

REQUIRED PERSONAL STATEMENT (250 words maximum): Describe the most interesting book you have ever read and discuss how it has impacted you.

The Ekaterina “Kate” Matrosova Leadership Award for ($2,000)

This fund, launched in 2015, was developed in memory of Kate who was an MFE alumna from the Class of 2014.

REQUIRED PERSONAL STATEMENT (250 words maximum): How have you demonstrated tenacity, helped others, and exhibited strong leadership skills?

Non-Berkeley Haas Scholarships

The Graduate Division at UC Berkeley also has a scholarship resource page. Don’t forget to check out our outside scholarships list with opportunities from external organizations.

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