The companies and organizations served by the IBD program span the globe, often operating in multiple countries or regions. They can be US or non-US companies, with headquarters anywhere in the world. We ask that each IBD project client or sponsor provide us with the following:

  • Project Owner. A committed individual or individuals who will act as the primary point of contact, and who will communicate with the IBD team on a weekly basis during the project to ensure that the project’s goals and deliverables are met.
  • Relevant Project Data. The client organization’s data and recommended interview subjects are required by the IBD team to perform the necessary project research that will solve your outstanding business issues.
  • On-site Investment. At the conclusion of the project, your IBD student team will be with you on-site and outside the US (“in-country”) for two to three weeks.
    • We ask that you provide time and resources to help facilitate student work on-site, including assistance in scheduling interviews and other field research ahead of the student team’s arrival.
    • We also ask that IBD clients cover the following project expenses:
      • Travel and lodging in the project country for a team of 4 to 5 MBA students in the project country.
      • A modest project sponsorship fee that depends on the nature of the project.