Since its beginning in 1992, the IBD program has sent over 1,800 MBA students around the world to work on strategic consulting projects in 89 countries. In the last 25 years, IBD student teams have worked with a wide variety of client organizations, including those listed below.


Recent IBD client logos


Working With IBD Clients Around the World

Team Sega Sammy with CEO


  • Developing a long term sustainability strategy for a leading apparel company in the region.
  • Recommending a strategy for offering digital services across local vehicle and mobility platforms.
  • Developing  a new five-year marketing plan for a leading company in the regional floral industry.
  • Creating a U.S. market entry strategy for a startup’s cloud-based file sharing service.
  • Building  a five-year business plan for a local non-profit focused on ecotourism.
  • Designing a marketing plan and workshop focused on the training of local women entrepreneurs.
  • Creating a business plan at a local university for the creation of an executive education program.
  • Recommending a regional strategy for entering the residential solar market on behalf of a solar company.
  • Developing a sustainable business model for a local healthcare non-profit.
  • Recommending a new wealth business strategy for a financial services company.
Team Jumbo at Headquarters


  • Creating a global go-to-market strategy for a home improvement company’s new product innovation.
  • Analyzing U.S. market opportunities in the bioeconomy space for select northern European companies.
  • Developing a strategic business plan for a local non-profit’s science center and museum.
  • Helping a startup expand its funding capability, including launching a global crowdfunding campaign.
  • Creating marketing strategies for a software company’s sports and entertainment applications.
  • Developing governance strategies for a national science and technology park.
  • Analyzing North American wind and bioenergy opportunities for select renewable energy companies.
  • Developing  a commercialization strategy for new mobile social networking technologies.
  • Providing strategic planning and a funding proposal for a local carbon credit trading consortium.
  • Recommending China market entry strategies on behalf of select renewable energy companies.


  • Designing a strategy for entering regional organic and healthy food markets on behalf of a leading company.
  • Creating  a sustainable business model for a new hospital venture combining charity and funded healthcare.
  • Developing a U.S. market entry strategy for a social enterprise’s alpaca clothing and textiles.
  • Recommending a digital wallet solution and implementation plans for a regional retailer.
  • Creating a regional business plan for the expansion of a local food delivery startup.
  • Recommending a go-to-market strategy for a corporation in the local digital game market.
  • Developing a three-year regional strategic plan for an online financial services startup.
  • Creating a recruitment and retention plan for ophthalmologists on behalf of a local  eye care social enterprise.
  • Developing  a business plan for the management and growth of ecotourism in a local national reserve.
  • Creating a business plan for production of local fair trade organic coffee on behalf of specialty coffee roasters.


2019 IBD Team Ashesi with Ashesi Founder,Patrick Awuha and his team


  • Developing a feasibility study for establishing a medical school program at a leading university.
  • Proposing a data analysis business strategy leveraging a company’s mobile payment solutions business.
  • Building a strategy for a government agency to apply  ICT-based solutions to local agriculture.
  • Creating a regional online training program for women entrepreneurs to establish small enterprises.
  • Developing a market entry strategy for a new pharmacy chain in the region.
  • Creating a retail business plan for a solar non-profit to provide lights in the rural community.
  • Developing a strategy to provide executive education courses focused on agricultural entrepreneurship.
  • Designing a performance management and incentive scheme for a local social enterprise.
  • Building a business plan for a conservation non-profit’s local ecotourism activities.
  • Developing an online education platform and tools to encourage development of local entrepreneurs.
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