Project Based Teamwork

Teamwork at the highest level is essential to the success of the IBD experience — from the first day of the course to the final client presentation. We structure each IBD team in ways that allow individual students to bring different skills and backgrounds to the project. IBD Faculty Mentors are assigned to advise and guide each student team, helping students interact with international project clients in a thorough and professional manner.

Be Flexible

Being able to work through changes and shifting priorities is also essential to the success of IBD — especially given the challenges of real time international consulting projects. The IBD program expects its students to be willing to collaborate and work hard to overcome the ambiguous and the unexpected.

Keep an Open Mind

Your IBD project client might work in an industry or be located in a country with which you and your student team are unfamiliar. Fostering an open mind and learning to adapt to new cultures and ways of communication are integral parts of the IBD experience.

Student Eligibility

IBD is an elective course for first year Full-Time MBA students that takes place in the Berkeley Haas spring semester (January to May).

Spring Semester 2021 IBD Course

In spring semester 2021, IBD students will work remotely in teams on their global consulting projects, collaborating virtually with clients throughout the semester and making their remote final project presentations in May.  No travel is planned due to the global pandemic and current travel and health restrictions.

What did you think of your IBD project?

Cassandra Salcedo

2020 IBD Team Lead for Maston Oy, Finland

2019 IBD Team Embraer at their headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil

Team Embraer

Brian Bell, MBA '20

São José dos Campos, Brazil

“I know for my teammates and me, IBD stood out as one of our most loved and rewarding experiences while at Haas! We feel very fortunate to have had an incredible team, client and mentor in beautiful Brazil. Thank you for everything you do to make IBD possible!!! “


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