IBD teams have completed strategic consulting projects around the world for client organizations in a variety of industries – from manufacturing and energy,  to ecotourism and healthcare…and more.

A Global Perspective

IBD teams conduct research and perform in-depth analysis at Berkeley Haas as well as in the project country.  Depending on the client organization’s challenge, you could leverage your IBD team’s background and expertise to analyze business opportunities in the US, in the client’s home country, or at another location altogether.

We Like a Challenge

Often IBD project clients need help with critical management or strategic decisions. You and your IBD team can help with innovative and thoughtful consulting solutions that are ready for implementation.

Your Project Scope

We know that managing a consulting project and its scope can sometimes be difficult. We make sure that IBD Faculty Mentors and students collaborate closely with clients to keep the IBD project on track.

Eduardo Consigliere

2020 IBD Student Team Lead for Team MEC, Japan

Team Giosg led by CEO on an orienteering adventure.


Kyle Rolnick, MBA '20

Helsinki, Finland

“IBD was the perfect capstone to my first year at Haas. It challenged me to deal with ambiguity, design creative solutions, and manage the work of my peers and the client experience.”


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