Each IBD project team usually consists of four or five MBA students, guided by a Berkeley Haas Faculty Mentor.

The spring semester IBD program for Full-Time MBA students begins in January. IBD course work runs from January to May at Berkeley Haas. The program usually concludes with three weeks of work in the project country from late May to early June.

IBD Timeline for Project Clients

October – December:  Prospective  IBD clients engage with the IBD program staff to discuss potential projects, including  scope, relevant goals and deliverables.

January:  An IBD letter of understanding is sent to each project client. Clients are introduced to their IBD Faculty Mentors and student teams. The initial project scope is further refined as the IBD team begins to analyze and assess the core areas of impact.

February – May:  The IBD team works remotely at Berkeley Haas, holding regular conference calls with their overseas client to ensure that project work is progressing according to the client’s needs and expectations.

May – June:  The IBD student team travels to the project country for three weeks of intensive work, including in-depth interviews and field research necessary to validate the project hypotheses. At the end of this three week period, the IBD team delivers the project conclusion in a final presentation to the client.

September: IBD student teams briefly present summaries of their IBD projects during the annual IBD Conference at Berkeley Haas. All of the Berkeley Haas community are invited to attend, including students, faculty and staff. Outside guests, including current and prospective IBD project clients, are invited to attend as well.

Whitney Hischier, IBD Faculty Director

How do IBD Faculty Mentors support their students during the client project?

Henrique Tormena of rdstation


Henrique Tormena

Florianópolis, Brazil

“I think for me it’s really rewarding to give the problem to the (IBD) team, and get back a very state of the art solution and show it to my executive team — because they are always impressed by the job that these students are doing.”
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