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Haas networks and computer systems go through Campus’ Central Authentication System (CAS) for log-in authentication.  This process includes use of your: CalNet ID, passphrase, and 2-Step Verification.

▷ Claim Your CalNet ID page – for CalNet ID creation (usually already created as part of the admissions or hiring process).

▷ Campus CalNet Account Management page – for more information about managing your CalNet account.



UC Berkeley uses CalNet 2-Step verification to better protect identities and accounts behind two-factor authentication.

The first step is your CalNet passphrase.  Make sure that your passphrase is a strong one.

The secondary step is a verification click or code, which confirms your identity and protects your account in the event that your passphrase is stolen or hacked.

CalNet 2-Step pops up following CAS login.  You can choose to verify by: (a.) push notification, (b.) answering a call, or (c.) entering a passcode. Typically, Campus users choose to click on the push notification, which is easily received on smartphones, through the Duo Security app.  You can download the Duo app through the Android/Google Play Store or the Apple/App Store.



This is for non-Haas graduate students who would like to apply for Haas MBA electives.

▷ MBA Elective Request Submission for Non-Haas Graduate Students


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