Eligible faculty and staff have access to the Haas DocuSign account.  By logging into with your CalNet credentials (CalNet ID and passphrase), most users would be able to immediately gain Viewer access, which provides one the ability to sign received envelopes.

To be able to send envelopes, eligible users may request for Sender access from Help Desk.

Note: the Haas DocuSign license may not be extended to students or student staff.

Instructional Resilience

Haas Digital and Media Services have audio-visual solutions to help support instructional resilience.  To learn more about these options, please visit the Instructional Resilience page.

Network Drives

Faculty and Staff have access to different network shares, we call them the P, H, and R drives.

  • Faculty and staff have an H drive.  This is your Home drive, a personal and private share where you can save all your important documents. You can store up to 10GB.  The H drive is backed up every day so that the data is kept safe.  This data can be restored if necessary – but only for material saved in the three months immediately prior to it being lost.  These restore time restrictions apply to all of the drives.

  • Faculty and PhD students may also have an R drive, and it is limited for Research Data use.

  • The P drive is a Public share.  This drive can be used to store data temporarily for one week only.  This is a shared drive meant to be used for project collaboration and data sharing.  Everyone has access to this drive but it is cleaned weekly on Sundays.



NOTE: The I Drive is no longer offered.  This was the drive which faculty and PhDs used to host personal websites and data.  In lieu of this service, we recommend using Google Sites to create your personal websites.

A “How to” document for Google Sites is available on this Google Support page.


Faculty and staff have access to a variety of network printers at the Haas Faculty (F), Student Services (S), and Chou Hall (N) Buildings.

There are additional central printing and copy services available at the Mail and Copy Room (S545), and Faculty Print and Copy Room (F582). The S545 services are managed by Ricoh, and may be accessed through their online print submission portal, Ricoh TRAC.

Telecom Services

Haas TS offers telecommunication solutions and services for all eligible Haas faculty and staff.  To find out if you are eligible for either landline or mobile phone service, please consult with your department supervisor.

All new or upgrade landline or mobile device service requests must be coursed through

Before initiating any mobile device requests, please refer to the Mobile Device Policies for information on available support and services.

Workstation Support

Workstation support services include new computer setup, software installation, and general troubleshooting.  New computer setups configure a standard UC Berkeley-imaged computer with common work applications (MS Office, Adobe, etc.).

To see Campus computer standards and specs, follow this link to the UC Berkeley Technology page.

Software installation adds additional software which was not installed during setup.

To see available Campus software, follow this link to the UC Berkeley Software Central page.

All workstation service requests must be coursed through

Get Help

Have questions?  Need to submit a ticket?  Send an email to

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