The Haas Technology Solutions (TS) Staff Computer Lifecycle Replacement Program (CLR) was established to standardize equipment for improved performance and maintenance across all Haas-owned computers.  This ensures that Haas staff will have access to modern computing platforms to support the mission of the school.

The program allows for one (1) system upgrade/replacement (laptop or desktop) per lifecycle, per full-time career (permanent) staff member*.

*NOTE 1: not applicable for staff with contractual- or limited-term appointments
*NOTE 2: secondary or more computer systems will not be issued to facilitate any Telecommute or Flexible Work Arrangements.

The outgoing and incoming computers must have been/ be procured through TS, and will be running the Berkeley Desktop Image.

The budget for this program will be managed centrally by TS.


A lifecycle is determined to be a system’s usable and reasonable service-life expected based on the following factors:

    1. the computer’s warranty coverage period
    2. the computing specifications of the system as shipped, including any hardware component upgrades
    3. age of the system and its internal components
    4. date system was originally put into service
    5. the system’s service history
    6. any unforeseen or otherwise required upgrade based on cybersecurity threats, or direction from the Campus Information Security Office (ISO) to remove the system from service, including but not limited to forced obsolescence, unresolvable zero-day compromises/inherent design flaws that would otherwise seriously put at risk the integrity of Campus and sensitive personal information


    • Staff members must be at 50% career (permanent) appointment or higher to be eligible for the program.
    • Systems in the program include the following:
      • main computing device/machine
      • standard monitor
      • USB keyboard and mouse
    • Items not covered include accessories such as ergonomic keyboards*, ergonomic mouses*, wireless keyboards, wireless mouses, and external-powered speakers.  These accessories may be requested through TS, but they will not be covered by the CLR program.

*Ergonomic devices can only be purchased after the completion of a Campus Ergonomic Assessment of your workstation.  To learn more or schedule an ergo assessment, visit the Berkeley Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Ergonomic Assessment page.  

Outside of a Campus Ergonomic Assessment, you may choose to purchase your ergo devices directly with your department’s funds – subject to Department Supervisor approval. 

    • When fiscally possible, systems will be replaced within the fiscal year that is was determined to be end-of-life.
    • Once a system has been earmarked for replacement, a TS or ITCS tech will be in touch with the staff member to assist with the ordering, procurement, and delivery process.
    • The older or replaced systems may only be disposed of, or repurposed by TS.  It may not be re-used, re-assigned, taken for personal use, or donated to any other individual, department, organization or entity otherwise.
    • All systems in the program are the property of the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.  Separating staff must turn in all systems and accessories back to TS.
    • Lifecycle schedule may be modified at TS’s recommendation, according to equipment supportability and other considerations.
    • The CLR program budget is subject to funding availability.


    • A standard Dell desktop PC or laptop system, based on current Campus pre-configured offerings.
    • Docking station
    • Single standard monitor
    • Standard USB keyboard and mouse

Orders will be fulfilled using existing stock or via the Campus BearBuy purchasing portal.


    • Apple Desktop computers (iMac) & MacBook Pros.  Macs can be purchased with Department director approval and department/unit funds, and TS/ITCS will assist in procurement, setup, and support.
    • Customized, special order, or use-specific systems such as Media production, encoders, developer workstations, etc.
    • Purchases through outside vendors (i.e., Amazon, Costco) or other big-box retailers.

In these cases, please contact the Help Desk for assistance configuring your workstation/laptop and getting the best pricing available via existing Campus purchasing agreements. TS and/or ITCS will assist with selecting the appropriate system options.


    • Non-standard systems or equipment requests

Non-standard system requests may include upgrades or re-configurations of the standard system, but requires review and approval from TS and/or the staff member’s Dept. Director.  Upgrades or re-configurations may not be covered by the CLR budget, and may need to be covered by the Department.

    • Mid-lifecycle change requests

Any requests to change the lifecycle period, or to change the system mid-lifecycle must be reviewed and approved by the staff member’s Dept. Director and TS. This includes changes in workstation setup from Desktop to Laptop, and vice-versa.

    • Non-Haas owned systems

Personal or home-used systems are not covered, even if these are employed by the staff member for Haas business, or to access the Haas network.

    • Lost or stolen; broken, damaged systems

Lost or stolen* systems due to negligence may not be replaced by this program’s budget and may need to be replaced through the individual’s or the department’s funds.

*Please file a police report in the event of a stolen PC or laptop and notify the Help Desk as soon as possible.

Broken or damaged systems may be covered under system warranty.  If the system is out of warranty, or if the damage goes beyond warranty coverage, the cost may not be covered by the program budget.

    • Mac Support

Mac system support (i.e. hardware failures) may not be available at TS, and users may need to consult with Apple Support directly for assistance.  In these instances, it is recommended for users to first get in touch with [email protected] to inquire about support options.


Begin by emailing [email protected] to request your system/system upgrade. In the email, identify your system (laptop or desktop), and if possible, include the Dell Service Tag (for Dell systems).

After your ticket has been generated, a TS tech will be in touch with you to help evaluate your current system, and/or propose options for the new/upgrade system.

Note: all requests will require supervisory approval and may be subject to fund availability.

Once approved, TS will source the system either from stock inventory or through Campus procurement. Equipment delivery time will depend on system availability. The TS tech should be able to advise you on delivery and setup information.

Help Desk

Have questions?  Need to submit a ticket?  Send an email to [email protected].