Included Equipment

On the Virtual Interview Desk, you should find:

  1. a LG 34″ curved monitor
  2. a Logitech C930E Business-class Webcam with integrated microphone
  3. a USB-C cable adapter, with attached USB-A and HDMI connectors
  4. a USB-powered Ring Light/Phone holder

Using the Equipment

1. Monitor

All equipment should be powered on. But if the monitor should happen to be asleep or off, awaken it by gently pressing the button underneath the monitor bezel, just behind the LG logo.

This button also toggles forward-back, and left-right for the monitor’s audio and video settings.

2. Adapter and Cable Connectors

You can connect your laptop to the monitor by (A.) USB-A, (B.) HDMI, or (C.) USB-C, via the StarTech adapter.

  • If you are using the adapter (C.), please make sure that cables (A.) and (B.) are plugged in, in order to make the connection to the monitor.
  • If you are using either cable (A.) or (B.) individually, unplug it from the adapter (C.) and plug into your laptop’s port.

Once you are finished with your meeting, please re-insert the cable(s) back into the adapter for the next user.

ℹ If none of these connectors work with your laptop, please check with the Front Desk or email [email protected] for assistance.

3. Zoom Settings

Once connected to the system and launching your Zoom meeting, click on Settings to verify that the Logitech Webcam C930E is your selected Speaker/Microphone and Video/Camera option.

4. Ring Light

The Logitech C930E webcam should be adjusted for low-light, but if it is not adequate, or if you are joining your meeting by phone, you can use the Ring Light.

Insert your phone into the adjustable phone insert pad, and plug the Ring Light’s power cable into a USB-A type power source (like your laptop).

You can also bend the phone holder’s gooseneck forward/backward, or adjust the tilt knob to modify your phone camera angle.

5. Ring Light Controls

The Ring Light’s control pad is located in the middle of its power cable.  In it, you will find controls to adjust the light intensity, as well as choose from three light temperatures.

Get Help

Have questions?  Need to submit a ticket?  Send an email to [email protected].