For many, the first year of college at UC Berkeley is filled to the brim with a dynamic swirl of unprecedented excitement, inner apprehension, boundless opportunity, uplifting growth, and keen observation. Beginnings, the first chapter, are truly special and have a soft spot in the hearts of many. The first year at Cal is unlike any other year for its unparalleled freshness, invigorating and crisp, and yet possibly intimidating. Lessons from this initial stage in college are abundant, and prove to be some of the most pure and genuine extractions in life. For this Humans of Haas article, we will learn about Allyson Seong, a freshman studying Business Administration through the Global Management Program. Gaining a headstart in the Haas School of Business, she was admitted as a freshman, and after her one semester at Berkeley, she has a mirage of thought-provoking insights to share. Swiveling into reflection and realization, let us read about recollections from her very own beginning of the Haas journey.

Why Business?

The diversity of the field really draws Allyson in; as someone who wasn’t initially completely set on any specific subject, the diversity weaved into business meant flexibility and a freedom to explore. She notes, “ there are so many people within Haas, and everyone is doing something different.” The sheer passion that fuels the work of many is also an illuminated factor for her, something she has observed time and time again. The nature of business as a complement to enhance and bolster a wide array of subject areas and academic realms is exciting for Allyson, making her education a basis to spiral and shoot out from into the expanse of the world.

Key Lessons from Haas

Interestingly enough, Allyson’s most instrumental lessons thus far have not originated from a particular structured class or course, but rather from her absorption of people at Haas. From her observations, she has learned: “If you are not sure, go for it. A step is a step, regardless of direction.” She emphasizes that movement in any vector or manner is still growing. Many times, freshman can feel pressured to perform at perfectionist levels, letting their age and lack of experience in college hinder their courage to experiment. This feeling is well-managed with faith to simply take a leap and give everything a shot. After all, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Soon, the steps you take will create a unique pathway, navigating to a future filled with fulfillment and individuality.

Escaping Comfort Zones

Discovering new frontiers inevitably demands pushing past the comfort zone. Allyson has learned to be more opportunistic, and “ready to bounce”. She has realized that being proactive is powerful, as everything happens “so fast” in college. Time speeds up and leaves no one behind, and keeping up is a matter of taking initiative and staying on your feet. The Haas environment compels her to be nimble and nifty, accompanying her peers on the fast-paced journey that college is.

Happiest Memories: The Power of People

When thinking back to wide smiles and hearty laughs from Allyson’s experience thus far, she realizes her most contented moments were “tied with people”. This varies from her own freshman peers to upperclassmen, especially those she met through Delta Consulting, a student-run, non-profit educational consulting organization. While in the beginning, interacting with older students created a “mentor environment”, slowly this sensation has dissolved to create a genuine bond between Allyson and her upperclassmen friends, breaking the boundaries of age and experience and creating the framework for a sweet, long-lasting relationship beyond college. In the end, we can all relate, people make every memory more vivid. They are the cherry on top, the sprinkles too, the salt and pepper, and the reason memories become the happiest.

The Future World of Business

Upon pondering about the future world of business, Allyson predicts that it will be “a lot less of its own field, and more blended into other realms”. Driven by serving as an application-based field, it will make the perfect complement to other academic subjects. She has also observed that there is a “lot more creativity” in our generation, and is looking forward to seeing “new products, new ways of leading people, and new approaches in general.” Dynamism fuels Allyson, and she is full of energy and hope for all that is to come.

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