Kevin Liao is a current second year in the Global Management Program (GMP) at UC Berkeley. Born and raised in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Kevin realized that he had a fascination in Global Management throughout his travels with his family. After visiting Italy, he developed an appreciation for divergent cultures as well as individuals from international backgrounds. By virtue of his travels, the GMP’s study abroad opportunity intrigued Kevin, which led to his decision of applying to the program. Throughout the past two years, “I’ve had the opportunity to establish close relationships with my cohort, which has definitely been my favorite part,” was how Kevin described his experience in GMP thus far. Correspondingly, Kevin expressed his excitement of traveling to London; as he hopes to visit Iceland, Greece, and Spain when he is abroad next Fall with his cohort. Yet, whilst traveling with his family, Kevin’s older brother played an influence on his interest in Finance as well as Data Science. Although the two brothers have a large age gap, Kevin had the opportunity to bond with his brother over their similar academic interests and passions.

Establishing a Passion for Finance

In Fall 2020, Kevin joined Berkeley Finance Club (BFC). When presented with the question of “Why BFC?,” Kevin revealed that the club aligns with his career goals in Finance, as well as prepares him for his future in the field. As a new member of the club, Kevin was expected to learn the curriculum, which revolved around Financial concepts, calculations, as well as knowledge. Currently, he is the External VP of BFC. As the External VP, Kevin strives to coordinate the recruitment of new members. Specifically, he creates opportunities for professional development, and discovers internship positions for members of the club. Thus, Kevin is highly involved in the community aspect of the club. Although he is an active member in BFC, Kevin described how “continuously developing strong, meaningful relationships with upperclassmen and individuals who are of the same age as me has added to my college experience.” A memorable aspect of Kevin’s time at UC Berkeley has been interacting with individuals who share a passion for Finance.

Newfound Interest in Computer Science

Through developing relationships in BFC, Kevin has been establishing relationships with various companies to provide opportunities for his peers. Specifically, he has worked alongside Bridge Street Advisors on case competitions. Kevin has demonstrated his ability to market the logistics of an in-person presentation. Similar to his position as External VP, he has focused on advertising, as well as communicating between the company and UC Berkeley students.  Hence, Kevin is highly skilled in team work, which he continues to demonstrate and utilize with his position at UpSync Consulting.

Though Kevin has deeply expressed his dedication towards Finance, he revealed that Data Science has intrigued his interest as well. Thus, in Fall of 2021, Kevin joined a consulting club that combines Business as well as Computer Science. By connecting with individuals who are passionate about Computer Science, Liao has“been able to learn new ideas revolving around STEM and Business that are typically not discussed in other environments.” revealed Liao. During these interactions, Kevin has strengthened his abilities of accomplishing goals within a team setting. For example, he successfully worked with a startup company in Esports betting. Alongside his peers in UpSync Consulting, Kevin had the opportunity to conduct research on potential customers and competitors in specific market trends. “We analyzed market trends in regards to how viewership and streaming has changed leading up to as well as during Covid-19,” Liao revealed. Hence, Kevin was presented with the opportunity to understand and learn how business and technology are related. With his newfound knowledge, Kevin explained how his perspective of Finance has been altered, as he has begun to consider technological market trends in business.

Final Remarks

Kevin has taken the initiative to combine his passion for Finance as well as Computer Science throughout his academic career at UC Berkeley. By establishing close ties with his peers in GMP, BFC, and Upsync Consulting, “I have developed an utmost respect for my peers in Haas, as they have allowed me to challenge my perspective of business in a hands-on manner.” Thus, through his work ethics and dedication to his community, it is evident that Kevin embodies the characteristics of a Haas student.

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