Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program



Tool Login Description
bCourses CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Course management system used for class communication & materials.
Haas Online Registrar (OLR) Haas Login
Haas Passphrase
Registration site for Haas elective courses bidding & add/drop.
Student Directory Haas Login
Haas Passphrase
Contact information for Haas students & student profiles. Haas Email Address (@mba)
Password is your last name
Access to course readers & materials. password info here.
Grade Letters None Request a grade letter verifying your grade for a course and the cost per class. Does not verify payment.
Name Plate & Badge Replacement None Request a replacement name badge or name plate.


Tool Login Description
AirBears2 CalNet ID
AirBears2 Key
UC Berkeley Wi-fi
BearFacts N/A Retired as of Fall 2016. Please use CalCentral below.
CalCentral CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Review grades, registration, holds, finances, financial aid, & class schedules.
Haas Event Management System (EMS) Haas Login
Haas Passphrase
Reserve Haas study rooms & meeting/event space.
MyFinAid N/A Retired as of Fall 2016. Please use CalCentral above.
Order Business Cards None Order Haas branded business card.
Legal Name Change None Steps for changing your name in Univeristy and Haas systems.

Alumni, Extracurricular, & Career

Tool Login Description
@Cal CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
UC Berkeley alumni directory
Campus Groups Hass Email Address (@mba)
Campus Groups Password
Portal to Haas association & club communication, calendars, & events.
GradMap Facebook/LinkedIn ID
Facebook/LinkedIn Password
Map of your MBA cohort
Haas CareerNet CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Career management portal for MBA alumni & students

Email & Collaboration

Tool Login Description
bConnected & bMail CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
bMail (Gmail), bCal (Calendar, & bDrive (Google Drive) access. Your official Cal @berkeley email addresss.
Box CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Cloud storage & content sharing drive.
Blue Jeans CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Video conferencing service.
Adobe & Microsoft Office Software CalNet ID
CalNet Passphrase
Complimentary copy of Adobe Creative Suite & Microsoft Office