Full-Time MBA Fall 2024 Elective List
Full-Time MBA Spring 2024 Elective List

Full-Time MBA courses can be taken on a space-available basis. Interested students should attend the first day of class to confirm their interest and to stay caught up on course content. To make the request, students will participate in an OLR SignUp process and you will be notified if your request is approved.

Please check the EWMBA Registration Timeline for the process dates and carefully read the Full-Time Elective SignUp Guide for EW Students.

SignUp Reminders

MBA 294 Speaker Series Course
The Full-Time MBA offers student-led speaker series courses designed to give students more industry knowledge on a particular area of interest. Unlike other MBA courses, this series is not academically based and will have fewer deliverables.

These courses are only available to EW students via auditing. If you are interested in sitting in on the class, please contact the student organizers listed in the Course Description linked to the Full-Time MBA Elective List. Final approval is contingent upon capacity and speakers’ permission.