If a student requires proof of grades for employer tuition reimbursement, here are the options:

Option Course Number & Title Course Start & End Dates Associated Fees Exact Grade Proof of Payment?
CalCentral/My Academics Card Yes No No Yes No
CalCentral/My Finances/Official Monthly Statement No No No No Yes
Itemized Fee Letter Yes Yes Yes No No
Official Grade Letter Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Unofficial Grade Letter Yes Yes Yes No No

Grade Letters and Itemized Fee Letters will be sent to students via email as a PDF. Students may send requests for either via this form when grades have been posted to CalCentral. Otherwise, grade letters will only list courses for which grades have been posted. Grade availability may vary depending on the course.

Approximate response time:

  • If requesting Core A grades, please note that grades are not due until the end of the semester. We will do our best to track grades as they appear on CalCentral. If grades are not officially on CalCentral, we can only issue unofficial grade letters that say if you have a received a grade of “B or better.”
  • If requesting complete semester grades, please allow 5-7 business days for grades to appear on CalCentral and grade letters to be ready.
  • Due to the high volume of requests, response time may vary semester to semester.

Unofficial Grade Letter requests must be made via email to ewmba_office@haas.berkeley.edu.

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