Our last day at Dar Al-Hekma College was very exciting. First, we had the opportunity to present our work and our recommendations about the Women’s Center of Excellence to the Dean and Vice Deans. Then, after an enjoyable lunch with some amazing ladies from the College, we conducted our MBA information session. Later in the afternoon we went for a “balad” tour in the old city of Jeddah and that was a great way to end our last day.

But let me tell you more about the MBA info session. Dar Al-Hekma College asked us to prepare and deliver an MBA information session because they are planning to launch their own MBA program this fall. Their MBA curriculum was developed in collaboration with Haas. It’s going to be offered to both men and women and is going to be on evenings and weekends to accommodate people who are working. The two year MBA program will offer two different tracks: one on General Management and another with a specialization in Islamic Finance. Compared to our four day extensive workshop and our pitch presentation about the Women’s Center of Excellence, this was definitely the fun part of our work. It was great to talk about our backgrounds, experiences and goals and more importantly talk about our school- so proudly- and reflect about the amazing things we’ve learned and experienced this past year. Finally, it was also our once in a life opportunity to conduct an MBA info session in Abayas, which we had to wear because men were expected to attend. And here below you can see us in our Abayas for the MBA info session.

—Hind Chemsi

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