Students are expected to follow all program policies and procedures. If there is an urgent and compelling circumstance that requires students to request an exception the process is listed below.

Please complete this exception request form below and indicate a business case for the advising committee to review. Cases are reviewed weekly, so please expect up to 7 business days for a response.

Be sure to indicate all specific information relevant to your request. In other words, why the policy shouldn’t apply to you based on your individual circumstances.

Some examples of things to include if applicable:

1. Reasons why you were unable to adhere to the posted and communicated deadlines and/or policies.
2. How we could justify and defend making an exception for you (given that all students in the program are held to the same policies and expectations).
3. Any pertinent documentation or proof from an employer, doctor or other such authority.

Our program strongly believes in making fair and equitable decisions for all students, and we take each individual exception request very seriously.  Every exception decision is made based on a particular situation and circumstances.  Please note, a review of your request does not guarantee an exception will be granted.

Submit an Exception Request