Each year the Haas Financial Aid Office provides an estimated cost of attendance (COA) as the basis for determining financial aid eligibility during the 9 month academic year. As official figures are averaged for all UC Berkeley students, actual housing costs may be higher.

If you find that the estimated COA does not adequately reflect your living expenses for the 9-month academic year, you may submit a COA Adjustment Request form to increase your budget for additional loan eligibility.

Expenses that may be considered for COA Adjustment include:

  • The cost of your rent and utilities
  • The cost of purchasing a computer; you can only request this once during the course of your program
  • The cost of uninsured medical, dental, or optical expenses.
  • The cost of transportation.
  • The cost of childcare expenses.
  • The cost of special books and supplies
  • The cost of relocating expenses (entering student living off-campus only).

The Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request form includes information about which expenses can be claimed and the proper documentation required. Please ensure that you have properly documented your expenses, as any expenses that are not properly documented will not be approved.

The COA Adjustment form for the 2018-19 academic year is available any time during the year until April 15, 2019. Please schedule a consultation at Haas Financial Aid Office prior to the adjustment request. You may be expected to complete a budget review prior to approval of requests for additional expenses.

Non-Allowable Budget Adjustments: Federal law specifically states that we cannot include consumer debt (ex. credit cards, car loans). We strongly suggest you attempt to repay any existing consumer debt prior to coming to Haas. In addition, expenses for student conferences, study trips, club fees or other extra-curricular activities cannot be added to your budget. These expenses are not considered for financial aid purposes as they are not required to earn your degree.