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May 19, 1001 Feast

Plus a video on how to make the Saudi rice dish saleeg.

May 18, Red Sea Arrest?

Let us start you at the end of day 7. We were returning from a motor boat ride in the red sea with our friend Eman and her family (not wearing our abayas i.e. black togas nor our heads covered) when 3 mean  looking men wearing uniform and Keffiyeh (men’s head piecse) approached us. They were the religious police and were mad because we weren’t covered up as we are supposed to in Saudi Arabia… were we in trouble? Are we going to be arrested?? >Read More.

May 17, Bring on the Bachelorette

Today was amazing, simply amazing. i didn’t know what to expect when I got assigned Saudi Arabia for IBD. i’d only ever seen life on the outside but thursday we got a full look into life on the inside.

we kicked off our day by meeting an amazing Saudi woman named Eman. Eman knew Alia from undergrad in Morocco and graciously hosted us for the day. she started by sending her driver to our hotel to fetch us (since women can’t drive), when we arrived at her home, I was blown away by the vibrant colors and personality inside her home. Eman served us delicious honey soaked dates with cake and arabic coffee, which i later found out is a traditional sign of hospitality. i felt at home. we then headed off to the mall to do some shopping. >Read more.

May 16, Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Twelve amazing Saudi and middle eastern women with so many ideas for new businesses are joining us for the Entrepreneurial Leadership workshop we have put together in hopes of gaining a new and fresh perspective on how to put their businesses to work.

We were amazed to see the range of ideas and backgrounds, from a 14 year old who has a business selling her own colorful abayas (you know the black dresses/capes that cover Saudi women from head to toe) to ideas that look to revolutionize the day/night care business for mothers and their children. >Read more.

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