B-BAY courses are taught by faculty, MBA alumni, and undergraduate students of Berkeley Haas School of Business. Guest speakers from industry bring real-world perspectives to academic learning. Students learn through online classroom instruction, independent research, team assignments, and projects.

Fall Semester

In the first semester, students will be introduced to entrepreneurship, identifying opportunities, business principles and the nine blocks of the Business Model Canvas.

  • Teamwork & Communication
  • Leadership & Problem Solving
  • Entrepreneurship – Small Businesses, Scalable Startups, Large Companies
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Market Research
  • Financial Accounting
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Strategy
  • Public Speaking

At the end of the fall semester, students will build and present their Business Model Canvas in teams for their business idea.

Spring Semester

In the second semester, students will learn about the Lean LaunchPad methodology which combines elements of information, critical thinking, current business and technology trends and experiential learning.

Students will engage in experiential learning using the Lean LaunchPad pedagogy to build, create prototypes of their product or service and present their business idea. Students will also use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) strategy and interview potential customers in order to validate or invalidate their hypotheses, as expressed in the Business Model Canvas in the previous semester.

Teams will be matched with mentors from specific industries and BerkeleyHaas MBA alumni, to gain industry feedback on their business ideas.

Semester Showcase

Fall semester teams will present their Business Model Canvas. In the spring semester teams will present a prototype of their final product and/or service using knowledge learned from the Lean Launchpad Canvas.

The winners of the spring semester showcase will be incentivized to scale their ideas.

1st Place: Website Feature, Entrepreneurship Hub Invitation, Internship/Mentorship with Faculty Member, Changemaker Invitation

2nd Place: Entrepreneurship Hub Invitation and Changemaker Invitation

3rd Place:  Entrepreneurship Hub Invitation or Changemaker Invitation