“This was a really fun and informative experience that allowed me and many others to really delve into the world of business. In my opinion, it gave me new information that I can use in my daily life. BBAY has affected my life and how I see things.” 9th grade, Student, 2019

“This camp has been truly incredible. I have been able to meet wonderful people from wonderful and different places, formed friendships with them, and gotten to know them. I have gotten to experience what it is like to be at one of the best Universities in the world, being taught by experienced students and professors. This is definitely an experience that I will never forget…” 9th grade Student, 2019

““It was great. Very impressed with the presentation. A lot of great ideas. Very happy with how much the students learned. Exceeded expectations.”  Parent, 2019

““I knew that my daughter would learn about business of course, but was pleased to see her have to think about all aspects or launching a business and giving a pitch,” Parent, 2019

“I like the fact that a lot of the business topics were covered and I like the fact that the professors always gave us activities to make us apply what we learned in a real life situation. I like that all the people in B BAY are nice and that they are all excited to learn. I also liked how energized the peer leaders were. … I felt like they embraced who we are.” Student, 2018

“When I came here, I was confused. Now, I’m confident.”  Student, 2018

“I hoped my son would start to learn about the different considerations necessary for a successful business, and he learned more than I could have imagined at his age in a 2 week program.” Parent, 2018

“I was unsure of how much would be covered in two weeks but was plenty surprised by the breadth of the course material and the take aways.” Parent, 2018

“The session was really fun. I feel like the lectures were really good…the camp was enjoyable, inspiring, fun, amazing, and overall a great experience. I learned so, so much, and now when I look at a product I wonder what the company had to go through to make sure that people like me bought it. I never knew there was this much to business and I have only scratched the surface. Thanks for this experience. It was AMAZING!!!” Student, 2017

“I’ve probably learned more knowledge here at B-BAY than I would have at any other camp. This experience has changed my views about the world of business. I’ve met some of the most prestigious professors and staff here at Berkeley.” Student, 2017

“This program was rich in content. The showcase presentation reflected the wide range of topics the kids learned during the program, more than my expectations.” Parent, 2017

“My experience at BBAY has been AMAZING . I love how it is actually located at the business school. I feel that when the teachers are younger… it is easier to relate and communicate with them…I hope to go to Haas and study business with a technology aspect.” Student, 2016

“I truly feel that B-BAY is worth it. B-BAY is probably one of the best summer camps I have ever been to, and through it I learned a lot.” Student, 2016

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was unsure that an academic curriculum could be presented so that the experience was fun. The camp definitely exceeded my expectations, on all fronts. It was extremely educational, engaging and a lot of FUN!” Parent, 2016


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