“I think it was a great experience. Especially from the lectures, I got many new insights. This definitely increased my understanding of business and peaked my interest into entrepreneurship as a career. I also really enjoyed creating my own startup idea and exploring that further. It really demystified many of the questions I had about startup creation. I want to thank all the TAs, Ms. Bardell, and staff for a great 2 weeks!” Student, 2022

“My experience in the B-BAY Middle school Virtual Entrepreneurship Session was awesome and was higher than my expectations. Though the intensity of the work level was surprising, I enjoyed having the ability to learn from professionals and create a full start-up. We covered a wide range of topics to apply to every aspect of business/entrepreneurship which was really helpful and insightful. I can’t wait to attend more B-BAY opportunities in the future!.” Student, 2022

“The results exceeded my expectations.  I have my MBA, and I was impressed with the breadth and depth of instruction provided to the B-BAY cohort.  The fact that they put that instruction together into a product presentation was also impressive.” Parent, 2022

“My family had very few expectations for the program, to be honest. I hoped to give my son more to do as his school load was much lighter. I also hoped that he would get a chance to further develop his interest in business and entrepreneurship — and the program did that!” Parent, 2022

“My two biggest takeaways were probably presentation skills and just coming up with new business ideas to help solve an issue in the world. These are both 2 skills I will use throughout my life.” Student, 2021

“The B-BAY Middle School Virtual Entrepreneurship Session was excellent and informative. Although we could not see each other in person this year, the sessions were engaging. This program has taught me so much about the world of business, and I feel that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Student, 2021

“To learn business fundamentals and business model canvas. The result met my expectations.” Parent, 2021

“We would like our child to gain knowledge in different business areas, and to learn how to start and build a business that has a social impact. The program went beyond our expectations.  We are very happy that Audrey learned a lot during this intense two-week training.  We are thrilled to see her launch a business that is promising and has a great social impact.” Parent, 2021

“B-BAY has been a great experience. I came here wanting to experience life at Berkeley and learn about business principles. I am leaving with that and more. I made 29 new friends, and I learned about college life from the RAs, Peer Leaders, and TAs….Thank you to all of the staff at B-BAY for making this experience unforgettable.” 12th grade, Student, 2019

“In the beginning I felt like I had made a huge mistake by joining to this academy. I felt lonely and I couldn’t adapt the university life. After 2 days I understood that this session would add so much to my personality. In the end I believe that the money my family had paid for this program is an investment for my future It was totally worth joining to because I had made so many new friends and had amazing experiences.” 10th grade, Student, 2019

“I think B-BAY was a great experience to learn and develop useful skills that apply in our daily lives. I really enjoyed how it mimicked college life, and showed us how 2 weeks in the dorms is like. I really got a feel for the campus, and college and I enjoyed all of the lecturers who came in and spoke. I think the concept of challenging yourself is very beneficial, and I enjoyed this program.” Student, 2018

“The curriculum and students’ performance is over my expectations. The subject is advanced for high schoolers, but it’s good for them to explore it.” Parent, 2018