“B-BAY has been a great experience. I came here wanting to experience life at Berkeley and learn about business principles. I am leaving with that and more. I made 29 new friends, and I learned about college life from the RAs, Peer Leaders, and TAs….Thank you to all of the staff at B-BAY for making this experience unforgettable.” 12th grade, Student, 2019

“In the beginning I felt like I had made a huge mistake by joining to this academy. I felt lonely and I couldn’t adapt the university life. After 2 days I understood that this session would add so much to my personality. In the end I believe that the money my family had paid for this program is an investment for my future It was totally worth joining to because I had made so many new friends and had amazing experiences.” 10th grade, Student, 2019

“The past fourteen days were challenging but they were an amazing way to spend 2 weeks out of the summer. The people, the food and the learning environment was just perfect.” Student, 2018

“I think B-BAY was a great experience to learn and develop useful skills that apply in our daily lives. I really enjoyed how it mimicked college life, and showed us how 2 weeks in the dorms is like. I really got a feel for the campus, and college and I enjoyed all of the lecturers who came in and spoke. I think the concept of challenging yourself is very beneficial, and I enjoyed this program.” Student, 2018

“The curriculum and students’ performance is over my expectations. The subject is advanced for high schoolers, but it’s good for them to explore it.” Parent, 2018

“I honestly did not realize how intense the program was. But I am extremely happy that the topic was very relevant and interesting. I am amazed at how the kids grasped the depth of the topic and confidently presented.”  Parent, 2018

“I have truly enjoyed my experience here at B-BAY. It has allowed to me to expand beyond my limits in ways I never thought I could. It has introduced me to amazing friends that I never would have met. It has also given me the priceless opportunity to experience the city of Berkeley and life as a college student. B-BAY has been such a unique experience that will remember for the rest of my life.” Student, 2017 

“I loved the program and everything that they taught! I thought the professors were incredible and experienced in their topic. Even though it was a lecture, it was very fun and exciting. The field trips to Santa Cruz, SF, and even VISA ere really fun and interesting. I loved the amazing experiences I got from this camp and the community in the dorms… Overall though, it was an amazing opportunity to learn so much about business, VISA, and Berkeley.” Student, 2017 

“We did not know what to expect. However, by the end of the program we were blown away with how much our son learned and the positive learning experience. Well done BBAY team.” Parent, 2017

“Expectations were for my daughter to experience college life and have a fun summer time with other students while learning at a great university. I think she did.”Parent, 2017 

“The past two weeks have really taught me about improving cities and has made me more aware of some things around me, such as the Internet of Things. It got me to think deeper than ever before…” Student, 2016

“It was a great experience and high standards. The programs engaged the students and also took good care of the youth… Classes were taught by professors and PhD students. It was a great experience.” Parent, 2016