” I know it is difficult to engage students on Zoom, but the program was very engaging. I had some understanding of the business but I learned a lot about what it meant to be a leader, teamwork and starting a business– super rewarding”! Student, 2021

” The BBAY virtual program allowed me to  learn and experience the Lean Launch Pad and how  entrepreneurs use it.” Student, 2021

“An awesome way to spend one hour afterschool. Lots of fun while I was learning” Student, 2021

“The results exceeded my expectations. I have my MBA, and I was impressed with the breadth and depth of instruction provided to the B-BAY cohort. The fact that they put that instruction together into a product presentation was also impressive.” Parent, 2021

“We would like our child to gain knowledge in different business areas, and to learn how to start and build a business that has a social impact. The program went beyond our expectations. We are very happy that Audrey learned a lot during this intense two-week training. We are thrilled to see her launch a business that is promising and has a great social impact.”Parent, 2021

“I was hoping that the BBAY MSAS program would inspire my son to start thinking like an entrepreneur. Observing him closely over last two weeks, I am sure it did.” Parent, 2021

It was a great opportunity to meet new students and be able to assist middle schoolers with business creation and entrepreneurship. Teaching Assistant, 2021

“Being a Teaching Assistant with B-BAY Afterschool was a very rewarding experience. The level of support and resources made me feel confident when presenting. The high-caliber students really enriched the learning environment.” –Teaching Assistant, 2021

“I had a blast mentoring with B-BAY Afterschool. I enjoyed being able to closely work with a team of students and watch them grow over the three months.” Teaching Assistant, 2021