It’s time to leave your lemonade stand and cookie-selling days behind. B-BAY is a business academy where you’ll learn what it really means to be an entrepreneur by creating, running, and closing down your own business–all in just two weeks.

This hands-on approach to learning–guided by experienced professors, mentors, and real entrepreneurs–introduces students to business fundamentals such as finance, marketing, and accounting. You will learn about entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. At the same time, you will develop leadership and teamwork skills that will serve you well in life.

Every year, middle school students from around the globe spend two weeks in the B-BAY program where:

  • Corporate guest speakers share their insights and real-world experience.
  • Class sessions are taught by professors, PhD candidates, and undergraduate students at Berkeley Haas.
  • Students work individually and in teams on classroom projects

Like any good summer program you’ll also get a personalized, guided tour of the UC Berkeley campus.

Middle school students who participate in B-BAY 

  • Build confidence and learn about your strengths through teamwork.
  • Learn business fundamentals and vocabulary.
  • Create a business and learn what it takes to survive against competition.
  • Learn to use computer software essential to business.
  • Develop communication skills as you present what you have learned.
  • Have fun!