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The Haas MBA Quantitative Readiness Course (QRC)

Bolster your application and prepare for MBA coursework

The optional QRC provides a no-cost option for demonstrating academic readiness and prepares you for the rigors of MBA coursework. The virtual course is self-paced and includes online support from an instructor.

Who should take the course?

The QRC is for MBA applicants who have limited experience using quantitative skills in their academic or professional background and would like to provide more evidence of academic readiness to support their MBA candidacy. It also benefits incoming students who would like to brush up on and/or enhance their quantitative skills in preparation for their MBA.

Note: If you are taking UCB Extension Math for Management, you do not need to take this course.

QRC Course Format and Cost

  • The course videos and instructor access are offered free of charge. You may complete the course or portions of the course by watching the videos at your own pace with online support from the professor.
  • The course is divided into 7 modules:
    1. Math Fundamentals for Business Part I
    2. Math Fundamentals For Business Part II
    3. Statistics Part I
    4. Statistics Part II
    5. Finance Part I
    6. Finance Part II
    7. Microeconomics
  • Each module is intended to take about one week to complete; however, it is possible to go slower or more quickly depending on your experience with the topics and how much time you invest each week. You may also accelerate through the first two modules by testing out of them.

To Enroll in the Course

  • You can use this link to log into your portal and complete the request to enroll.