Working @ Haas

Human Resources

Onboarding Resources for Managers

The manager plays an important role in the successful onboarding experience of new hires. The following is important to ensure that your new employee has a smooth start at Haas.

Actions/Responsibilities Suggested Timing
Inform the employee when and where to report to work on the first day. Upon acceptance of offer
Schedule an appointment with Fani Garagouni for the new hire's Haas orientation. This should be scheduled for the first day or second day. Upon acceptance of offer
Fani Garagouni will notify (and cc' you) HelpDesk, Copy/Mailroom, Facilities of new hire's start date, office location, phone line, etc. Upon acceptance of offer
Coordinate with HelpDesk to help new employee with software/shared drives set-up. This should be scheduled for the first or second day. Week before new hire starts
Prepare office space (desk, chair, and phone).
For questions about office space, contact Gerardo Campos at 2-4617 or Sherrell Gordon at 2-9106 in Facilities.
For questions about telephone equipment contact the HelpDesk.
Week before new hire starts
Prepare a schedule for new hire's first week. Week before new hire starts
Plan an assignment that provides an early win. Week before new hire starts
Appoint co-worker to help orient and train the new employee. Week before new hire starts
Identify training and resources available for support. Week before new hire starts
Begin and end the new hire's first day with a face-to-face meeting. If you are out of the office, appoint someone from your team to do so. On the first day
Introduce new employee to your team. On the first day
Orient to physical environment (restrooms, staff lounge, mailroom, copy room & supplies, computer center, library, café). On the first day
Take employee out to lunch or organize a team lunch. On the first day
Discuss with your employee unit-specific information:

  • Your unit's business plan, goals and objectives
  • Job description and how role fits in your unit and broader organizational context
  • Discuss expectations and set individual goals
  • Ensure new hire understands performance management review process and probationary period
  • Discuss work schedule and hours
Within the first week
Compose and review with the new employee a “Welcome to Haas” communication. Here is a sample announcement.
Within the first week
Identify the regular meetings to attend. Within the first week
Introduce new hire to key people. Within the first week
Review Safety and Emergency Procedure in your unit (closest exit and assembly point). Within the first week
Provide your probationary employee an evaluation in writing. Within the first three months
Work with new employee to create a professional development plan. Within the first six months
Celebrate successes. Ongoing
Provide ongoing informal feedback. Ongoing