Our Mission

The Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee (DSAC) serves as a trusted advocate for the diverse voices of Haas staff. We provide safe, confidential spaces where folks can share their perspectives, ask clarifying questions, and share ideas they’d like Haas Senior Leadership to know, consider, or address. We take great pride in connecting the valuable voices of our peers to the listening ears of senior leadership in their efforts to strengthen the staff experience.


The Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee (DSAC) is an advisory committee consisting of six Haas staff members (and the Dean’s Chief of Staff who serves an an ex-officio member and advisor). DSAC members assist the deans of the Haas School of Business in making informed decisions on administrative and other staff issues affecting the Haas community that are not subject to formal labor-management agreements.

DSAC’s six members are appointed for a term of two years. Four members are Haas staff not represented by the clerical and technical unions on campus. Two members of the committee are Haas staff whose positions are represented by the clerical and technical workers’ unions, CX and UPTE TX.

DSAC also serves as an additional resource to Haas staff. Committee members can be seen as confidants for staff who would like to voice thoughts and concerns in a safe and confidential manner. We also aim to promote campus-wide opportunities to grow professionally, connect with other staff members, and address policies and procedures that impact the overall staff experience.

Staff Buzz

Do you have a staff-related comment, question, or suggestion? Please tell us about it by going to our Staff Buzz online suggestion box.

Connect with Us

Please reach out to our committee members should you have any questions or comments. Your feedback is extremely helpful in developing our priorities and liaising with Haas administration.